Almost the Last Post

Today I want to thank Juliette who brought the Slice of Life Challenge to our Community School in Accra. It is because of her that I was forced to record my stories on most days this month. Often, I wrote quietly typing by a small lamp by the front door trying my best not to wake anyone. Kojo is a light sleeper and senses when people are not where they are supposed to be. Lola loved the opportunity for quiet time to sit and purr on my lap soaking up the heat from the computer screen. Inevitably, Kojo would wake up at some point running down the hall with his eyes half closed and his hair standing in a mess in search of his missing mommy. The story would sit half-written until he had fallen back asleep. I would write the rest or revise what had already been written in my head while I sat watching him sleep again.

I am thankful to Juliette who has helped me find a place for my stories and has allowed me to pack up a piece of Ghana to take with me. Kojo, Kojo Daddy, Lola and I will be leaving this red-earthed, warm and fertile land in a few months. Kojo came here when he was three months old. He was serenaded by Celestine and Grace who sang to him in beautiful harmony the songs of their youth from the Volta region. He was fed milk that tasted of groundnut soup, pineapples and papaya. He was given the name Kojo because he was born on a Monday. Vovome rolls off his tongue easily.

We have countless photos of our time here in Accra. We’ve been carefully collecting them to show him when he’s older. Until this opportunity to write every day in March, I never realized how many moments cannot be captured in a simple snapshot added to a growing cameral roll. On March 30th, I am content knowing that my walks with Kojo in Abelemkpe will live on. After all, Kunga would have never agreed to be photographed. You can’t hear the woody pods looking at a picture of a Monkey Thorn tree and Evon and Grace’s beauty lie in their movement not in a still image. The stories I have written are also self-portraits. I hope that when Kojo is old enough to read these he will see the beauty in both the story and the story-teller.

Thank you, Juliette, for challenging me to write everyday.  Thank you to Radutti, Tenkoranmaah, Kelsey Corter, Amanda Potts, Karpenglish, Edifiedlistener, Terrierol, Anita Ferreri, Pia Allende, Marina, Sylvia and the Slice of Life Community who stayed up late with me commenting thoughtfully on my posts and sharing the splendor that exists in other neighborhoods of the world. Thank you to Abbayayo, Ton Ton & Stryko for complaining when a new post was not waiting for them to enjoy with their morning coffee.

Finally, Kojo Daddy, thanks for lovingly renaming our sofa arm chair by the front door The Blog Chair.

7 thoughts on “Almost the Last Post

  1. Amazing. “I hope that when Kojo is old enough to read these he will see the beauty in both the story and the story-teller.” Vovome, this collection of stories is a gift to all those who read them, and they share the beauty of Ghana with the world. They’ve inspired me to write more, and better, and with more intimacy and beauty. So please, keep writing.

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  2. I too want to thank Julliette for bringing this challenge to you. Your voice and your posts will be ones I remember for all of time. I hope you will continue slicing with us on Tuesdays each week YOUR story and you story telling are magical and wonderful.

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  3. We’re so grateful that you’ve shared these. Not only a treasure for Kojo, but for all of us. I really think they could become a book of your time there, your walks—either a picture or chapter book. Especially once you add your sketches. Thinking of stories as a self-portrait actually takes my breath away. What you share about words bringing more to pictures is at the heart of what I teach my kindergartners. I may even read this to them one day. Thank you, Kay and family!

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  4. Your posts have been a daily treat for me. Now that I know you will be leaving in a few months, and that your audience is your son, grown, I can see where the vivid importance of your writing stems from. I, too, am grateful to Juliette for encouraging you to write – and I absolutely agree with Kelsey that these could make a book. I hope you will keep writing – maybe on Tuesdays – because I find your storytelling inspiring. What a wonderful month.

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  5. Kay , I am also grateful to you for sharing a whole new world to us. I can now look at my environment with a different eye, from your perspective, I have learned to see the hidden details of where I am. Thank you for sharing such an amazing talent with the world. Yes Kay, your work needs to be published so more readers can see the way you do. It is an education for us all. I hope we all continue with the Tuesday slice. Ayekoo (Well done).

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