I’ve been trying all day to post my last slice. The pressure to end with the right piece has left me with a hand-drawn, incomplete map of the neighborhood and a poem written from the words selected by students that read my stories. Neither seemed just right. I’ve decided that my frustration in finding the best way to end is because I am not ready yet. The journey continues.

3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I think that is a perfect final slice to mark a pause in your journey. I hope that you continue slicing throughout the year on Tuesdays. I have not always commented, but have read all your posts and enjoyed your beautiful writing in each one and getting to know tiny parts of your neighborhood – so far away and so different (and so not-different too) from my own.

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  2. We have walked with you and Kojo throughout March, and you have sent us evidence of that. The photograph is more powerful than words. It also shares future walks and words.(The possibilities are endless.) Thank you Kay, your words are just mesmerizing. Keep writing.


  3. This photograph is the perfect way to say that your journey continues. I am (selfishly) delighted that I can continue to read about your world, your experiences, your perspective. Looking forward to Tuesdays – or really any day you decide to write.

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