Map of a Writer’s Block

A desk waits 

by the window 

in my house 

in a city. 

Words blow in over the lake.

Stories live next door. 

Dusty and overtold ones are left on the curb

collected by the needy.

Nothing is wasted.

Parts are recycled and reused.

I’m a collector. 

I’ve got baskets filled with characters.

A jar stuffed with storylines.

A taped up box labelled “conflicts’ 

sits on the top shelf of my closet.

Outside, the street signs reveal chapter headings

And the stories that I write 

form a map of where I am in place and time. 

My desk waits

By the window

In my house 

In a city.

2 thoughts on “Map of a Writer’s Block

  1. Oh! I was hoping you would write this month! I love this metaphor – it makes me think a little bit of Peter Reynolds’ The Word Collector – except not. A jar stuffed with storylines. A taped up box labeled “conflicts”. I can’t wait to see what words will blow across the lake (or ocean) this month. Welcome back.


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