Two large piles of dirt, one grey and one brown, change shape daily. They sit in front of our noisiest neighbor. Metal against metal. Hammering, pounding, sawing, sanding. Massive music from petite speakers.

From our bedroom window we can only see a metal structure slowly rising from the trees that block the rest of the action. When we pass, the numberless grey gate remains stubbornly closed. The sounds only provide vague clues to what mystery lies inside. If no one is around, we dance to the music mimicking the playful rhythm. We accept the unknown and then move on.

Today, without notice, the most remarkable clue appeared. From two welded iron poles hangs the most delicately crafted sign. The name KAGYAH is carefully cut from a metal slab positioned perfectly on a piece of cherry wood. Underneath, in all lowercase letters the word “bespoke” is burned into the wood. Balancing on the other side is a craftsman’s collage of coils, circles, and keys surrounded by a series of carved lines. Another piece of polished wood stapled together by an iron star dangles like an encore underneath.

Bespoke means custom-made, tailored or personalized. It’s the opposite of mass-produced or ready-to-wear.

To our delight, a light turns on that illuminates the letters from behind. It was worth the wait. It seems that this sign was specially made for us.

5 thoughts on “Bespoke

  1. The way you create suspense and reward our curiosity is artful and compelling. I find myself wanting to know more which speaks for your writing and how we are drawn in to share your wonder about what may be coming.

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