Look Up

“Look at the moon. It’s bright.” Kojo says. 

He always notices first. His neck is used to being bent looking up at the adults towering over him all the time.

The moon is claiming its space in the cloudless early evening blue sky. We’ve been watching for a few days now. It’s been growing quickly. On Saturday it looked almost perfectly cut in half. Today it looks like it will soon be a full moon. 

As we travel down the new road past Amazing Grace’s and the tiny mosque, we feel it following us. It reminds us of our position in space and signals to us that time is passing. I’ve thought about a lot of things today. I’ve worried about the busy week ahead. I’ve been looking down for most of the day. 

“Look at the moon. It’s moving.” Kojo points up again. 

We pass the dripping water spout, a little boy running with an empty fabric spool, the armless mannequin in the shop window, and the goatless blue house on the corner. The moon brightens a bit against the slowly darkening sky. 

It’s still there as we climb up the stairs to our front door. I help Kojo take off his dusty shoes before entering the house. It’s time to fix dinner, feed the cat, take a bath, and think some more. 

“Let’s sit outside for a little bit longer.” I  suggest as I drop his shoes one by one on the worn down mat by the metal chair.

We watch the light reflecting off the moon’s surface making it look like it’s coming in and out of focus. One edge looks brighter than the other. It’s so perfectly round. There is nothing interrupting our view. My breathing and my mind slow down.

11 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. This is really lovely. I love to look at the moon and you made me feel like I was right there with you. Love the description of your son and his ability to look up and notice things. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. One of the best things about reading your blog this month is that I feel invited into your world. Each of your descriptions is so evocative that now when you say Amazing Grace’s or the tiny mosque, I can picture them. My favourite detail in this piece is when you “drop his shoes one by one on the worn down mat by the metal chair.” I am there with you and Kojo, looking at the nearly-full moon.


  3. “Look at the moon. It’s moving.”
    I can literally hear him say this to you with confidence. Another beautiful slice with descriptive details about your world! Kojo is blessed to have you as a mother who is ready to view the world with him.


  4. Your description of the moon moving, following you and being the center of your evening could be about almost any place of earth and yet you have it woven in harmony with your world. Lovely


  5. I am thankful of Kelsey Corter from the Two Writing Teachers to mention you as the inspiration of today’s slice of life. Now I can follow your adventures with Kojo! “I’ve been looking down for most of the day” I really like this sentence connected to how your son is encouraging to look up and shake your worries by looking at the moon.


  6. Dear Kay, What a wonderful way to find and connect with you again! And what an absolutely immersive slice. You bring us right up close to you and Kojo, let us listen to your conversation while still keeping it for yourselves. The contrasts you draw between your experiences of the world – he looking up and you looking down – help us appreciate the ways you both see things as they are *and* as you are.
    So pleased to see you here and to enjoy your wonderful writing! Waving from Vienna, Sherri

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