What’s that?

“What’s that?” Kojo asks.

“Barbed wire.”

“What’s that?” Kojo asks.

“It’s a big gate.”

“What’s that?” Kojo asks.

“A thick wall.”

“What’s that?” Kojo asks.

“He’s a security guard.”

Kojo’s questions come at me in rapid fire. At his age, he is still only asking whats and not whys. I think about how I will answer. 

“To keep people away.” 

“To protect your house so nobody takes your things.”

“So nobody can get in.”

“To make sure bad people don’t hurt you.”

Today, he just wants a label. He doesn’t want to know more. 

One day soon, he’s going to ask why. This hits me heavily as we pass by another house hidden behind a large protective wall. 

Today, all people are still good. Today, there’s nothing to worry about. I take a slow, deep breath, feel his small hand in mine, and try to stay in the moment. 

This Ghanaian wax print fabric is called “Letters.” It means be knowledgeable.

5 thoughts on “What’s that?

  1. Yes the what’s that is always followed by the why IF we are raising our children to look carefully at their world and to wonder! It’s harder to answer those why questions, but I always remind myself it is most important to answer those or perhaps to ask, “What do you think?”v

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  2. LOVE those years. I know Kojo is going to continue down that road but am confident your patient responses will both satisfy him, grow his understanding, and help him feel safe.

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