“Obroni! Obroni!” They yell as we approach. Two small children sit close to their mother as she hangs towels by a tree. They wave with excitement.

“Obroni!” the little boy announces as we pass the small grill and tables set up outside. He stops and watches us carefully until we wave to acknowledge his presence. 

“Obroni!” shouts the group of young girls playing in front of the wooden lottery stand. 

Kojo waves each time. He thinks obroni means hello. He said it to me himself for the first time today when he found me in the kitchen.

Obroni means white person. 

This Ghanaian wax print fabric is called “Tree Water.” It represents purity or cleanliness.

6 thoughts on “Obroni

  1. The way you told this story put me in Kojo’s shoes: I become a child trying to figure out what words mean from their context. I love how the piece unfolded until you revealed the meaning. I wonder when Kojo will figure it out in full?

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